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Shower Kits

If you're considering installing a new shower in your home, you might wonder how to go about it. The answer is simple: with a shower kit! A shower kit will help ensure that all of the pieces of your shower are ready for installation. This includes everything from walls and floors to faucets and shower heads.

The Basic Shower Kit

You can find shower kits in a variety of styles and sizes. Each kit includes all of the components you need to complete your bathroom renovation, including:

  • A shower base
  • An enclosure or wall panels with no-drip water sealant
  • A drain assembly (which includes screws, washers and an overflow fitting)

Shower kits are easy to install and come with everything you'll need to start your project. A typical installation requires one day—though some kits may take more time depending on the size of your room. Shower kits are also a great value because they include everything you'll need for installing a new tub or shower for less than half the cost of buying each part separately!

Shower Tub Kits

A shower kit ensures that you'll have all the pieces of your shower, including the walls and floor. Shower kits are available in various styles and sizes, so they can be installed in almost any bathroom.

There are two main ways to install a shower kit:

  • Pre-fabricated wall panels with pre-attached flooring create an attractive finish but require very little time or skill to install. These may not be ideal for DIY enthusiasts who enjoy tackling big projects independently but are perfect for those who want something quick, easy and affordable.
  • A pre-fabricated tub wall system is probably the most common type of kit available today because it's easy to assemble from just four parts: walls, drain assembly (with extension flange), threshold (to keep water from running under your door) and door seal tape (that provides an airtight seal between all these parts).

Shower Wall Surrounds

A shower surround is a wall that surrounds the shower. The term “shower surround” can refer to any of the following:

  • A fibreglass or plastic panel system is mounted on top of the walls that enclose a bathroom. This includes both frameless and framed systems.
  • A hollow tile board is used as an alternative to traditional tile work in showers, tubs, sinks and other places where water will be present for more than three minutes at a time. They come in many colours and textures, from smooth surfaces that are easy on bare feet to ones with textured surfaces for traction when wet. They're highly durable—they're built to withstand repeated exposure to water without warping like wood might (though they may eventually fade).

Steam Shower Kits

You can add a steam shower to your home in no time with a steam shower kit. Steam shower kits are made up of pipes, a steam generator and a shower head. The modules are easy to install and maintain, so you won't need to hire an electrician or plumber for this project.