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    Top 8 Toto Toilets in Canada According to the experts   We asked 50  industry experts which Toto toilets they would recommend and this was the ge...
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    From matte black accents that’ll make any lavatory pop to gorgeous marble mosaic tile that’ll add a spa feel to your space, give your bathroom a current look by infusing one or more of these trends.
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    Kitchen trends come and go all the time, meaning that remodelling your kitchen to have pastel cabinets or high-maintenance marble countertops might leave you with some regrets later on in life, especially if you’ll be selling your home in the future.
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    If you’ve decided to renovate your kitchen, you’re in for an exciting journey. Below, we give you a few ways to stay on budget when renovating your kitchen.
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    Being proactive about preventing water damage by waterproofing your basement will be beneficial in the long run.
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    If you are thinking about renovating your kitchen this season, an open concept is an emerging trend that many homeowners love. 
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    If you want a classically vintage look, the following tips will help:
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    Check out these top trends before finalizing your design plans.
  • Open Kitchen Or A Closed Kitchen?

    Open Kitchen Or A Closed Kitchen? For years, architects, designers and homeowners have been praising the benefits of an open floor plan. Here are the benefits of both to help you decide which is best for your home: