Streamline Saunacore Steambath Generator Pro Series 27,000W 208V

Streamline Saunacore Steambath Generator Pro Series 27,000W 208V

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SKU# SC-1125

Max Ft3: 1125
Wattage: 27,000
Volts: 208


  • State-of-the-art electronic steamer operations circuit board
  • Stainless steel exterior body
  • Steam room temperature sensor
  • Industrial stainless heating elements
  • Compact design and minimal water usage for steam
  • Brass intake and drain valves
  • Elegant steam heads with aroma oil reservoir
  • ASME Pressure release valve
  • Various aroma essential oils available
  • Stainless steel boiler tank
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Measure the length, width and height (in feet) of the steam shower. Multiply the three measurements together to get the basic volume in cubic feet. Steam room suggested height to be maximum 8ft.

L x W x H = CUBIC FEET x % (wall finish)
Ceramic Tile = 130%

Natural Stone = 200%

Fiber Glass / Acrylic = 100%

Steam Line 50ft+ = 120%

Glass Block Wall = 110%

Steam Line Subject to Freezing = 125%

Glass Wall = 110%

A ceramic steam shower with the dimensions 7ft length by 5ft wide and 7ft high, is 245 Cubic ft. 7 x 5 x 7 = 245. Since the shower has a ceramic tile wall, it then requires a 30% cubic footage increase. 245 x 0.30 = 73.5ft

The ceramic cubic feet is then added to the original dimension to calculate the total cubic footage. 73.5 (ceramic) + 245 (steam space) = 318.5 ft

Now select the next size of Steamcore model generator which exceeds the calculated room cubic feet. In this case the SC-375 (9000 watts) generator is required. If there is doubt in size, it is recommended to choose the next larger size.

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