We aim to bring the construction industry together under one roof.

Innovative solutions for an industries problems.

      At Renoz Design Centre we saw a problem with how many designers and contractors in the industry did not have a workspace to meet, work and collaborate with clients. They had no showroom where they could bring their clients to view the best products and brands in the industry or gather ideas and visualize their projects. They also lacked a comfortable work environment from which they can present their proposals and designs with their clients and collaborate, network with industry peers.

All your needs under one roof.

      We realized we had to create a space for designers and contractors for them to work, meet and share ideas, facilitate client meetings and presentations and also save time by providing all their selections under one roof. Contractors in the industry will now have the ability to offer in house designs to their clients with our in house design services provided by our experienced designers. In addition, designers can also use our in house subcontractors to bring their clients projects to life. Through our showroom we offer all our professional members the ability to select, buy and ship their entire projects selection with one click.

Fueling your future growth.

    Industry professionals find that having an established location will add credibility to their brand and gives their clients the confidence they are relieved to have. With our showroom, designers, contractors and builders can eliminate the hassle for their clients and themselves that comes with driving around from store to store for their projects selections, making their clients experience seamless and easy while also saving them time and money. Professionals who are working in startups can also receive support through Renoz Design Centre design and subcontracting services to help them grow and take on more jobs.