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Since 1873, Kohler Co. has been improving the level of gracious living by providing exceptional products and services for our customers’ homes and their lifestyles. We believe better business and a better world go hand-in-hand. Fueled by the passion of more than 36,000 associates worldwide, we strive to enhance the quality of life for current and future generations through design, craftsmanship and innovation.




At Ecoway, our motto is "Expect Better" because we believe that today's modern living style should be complimented by luxurious modern fixtures that save money, improve hygiene, and reduce the strain we put on the environment.


Originating in Quebec, Riobel® combines European panache with North American flair. Design and engineering work hand in hand and come together brilliantly through imagination, innovation, and ingenuity. Geometric angles and rounded arcs combine with the most advanced performance for award-winning collections that will be as true tomorrow as they are today. Riobel is luxury designed to be lived with.


For Bagno Italia well-being is the beginning, not the effect. True elegance is not to own a bespoke suit, but the ability to know how to bring it. Each Bagno Italia product tells the same story of focusing on the well-being of all customers.

Bagno Italia committed to offering the best Italian designs, customer service and products value to all customers without any compromise.



Manufacturer and Distributor of Bathroom Vanities, Mirrors & Medicine Cabinets, Faucets, Bath Tubs, Shower Equipment and Bathroom Accessories

KubeBath was founded with a vision to develop products based on the concept of sustainability. Our dedication to those principles, and philosophy of manufacturing with the lowest possible impact on the environment, while using the most advanced technologies, have made our company a reference point for the bathroom industry.

All KubeBath furniture is formaldehyde free.



At Stylish International Inc. we love what we do. We design and manufacture modern and innovative sinks and faucets that are built to last and delight your home ™.

We are a Canadian company with a dedicated team that ensures outstanding and personalized customer service.


In 1987, Dainolite’s founder was working in the lighting industry. His experience working for other companies made him realize that there was a serious lack of quality, reliability and affordability in the lighting industry.

From this epiphany, Dainolite was born.

He knew that he could create a better company; one that would offer all modern lighting solutions and stunning luxury light fixtures to people and businesses across North America.

From construction companies that are building hotels, offices, retail stores, and restaurants to designers and specifiers looking to find the right style for their next project, and even DIY’ers working on their own home renos, Dainolite prides itself on having some of the best high-quality turnkey products available on the market.

We have an excellent team of some of the most talented lighting designers in North America, and we’re committed to helping every client find the perfect modern light fixtures to make their next build a huge success.



We set ourselves apart

For us, the job well done is not just the execution, but also the ingenuity behind each of our achievements. Designed by a team of experienced engineers at its head office in Quebec City, our products reflect the distinguished work and effort involved in the design and manufacture of equally functional faucets, shower sets, furniture and sanitary facilities. 'aesthetic.

Thanks to our proven expertise in recent years, our research and development team has enabled Rubi to reach a new peak as a leader in the creation of innovative and eco-responsible products.

The new Cozi shower column embodies the concrete result of all these efforts. Therefore, Rubi is paving the way for a new era where environmental considerations will not be a hindrance to the effectiveness of our products.

The art of combining efficiency with the modern and refined style of Rubi.

Triforest Flooring

Triforest Flooring Canada Inc. is specializing in distributing high quality laminate flooring and related products. Our Laminate floors are all using Jia He’s super high density HDF fiberboards with AC3 / AC4 rating and WAX Sealed on the lock and joint. We put multiple coats of varnish, 1 coats of Oxide Aluminum, in addition, the final wear layer of our laminates flooring are using Jia He’s award winning Highlight Wearable Melamine Impregnated Paper® which will ensure an outstanding abrasion resistance finish. To ensure continuing supplying high quality products, we completely implemented ISO9001 Quality Control System, and ISO 14001 Environmental Quality System.


Bathroom products: Bathtubs, doors, bases and shower drains, accessories and more.

For Zitta, making a shower door is more than just assembling aluminum, glass and hardware. Each component is selected according to very strict standards.
Each supplier is carefully chosen according to a specific need; each piece is designed and created by our engineering group to provide a high quality component.
Subsequently, a multitude of tests are used to validate the lifetime of each component: Corrosion tests on the hardware, UV test on PVC gaskets, cycling tests for the rollers and hinges, tempering tests for glass, all to offer a product of very high quality and to ensure that our products will meet your requirements as long as possible.
Our commitment; to provide you a shower door that is easy to install, easy to maintain and will exceed all your expectations.
Zitta is for life.



At TOTO, we’ve always been inspired by a desire to improve everyone’s quality of life. Through almost a century rich with innovation, TOTO has changed the perception of what a bathroom can be — and how it can be used.

TOTO has always embraced technology, pursued the highest levels of cleanliness, incorporated high aesthetic standards, protected the environment, and worked to improve people’s lifestyles. Because we continually innovate in all of these areas, TOTO has become the world standard of excellence for a quality bathroom experience.



MS International, Inc. (MSI) is a leading nationwide distributor of flooring, wall, and countertop surfaces.

Looking ahead, our goal is simple: To contribute to a world where anyone can afford to create a beautiful space to live, work, and play.




At Kindred, we believe form and function are one and the same. We seamlessly integrate engineering with artistry to give you sinks, faucets and accessories that are uncomplicated to work with and stunning to behold. We offer a vast array of styles and materials to suit any aesthetic or project scope. Whether your project is traditional or contemporary, remodel or new build – we make it easy. And every Kindred product is as distinctive as the Crown it bears.




Sinks, Faucets, and Accessories For The Kitchen And Bathroom

We believe in the power of design to transform ordinary environments into beautiful spaces. We strive to inspire and empower consumers by creating kitchen and bathroom fixtures that raise industry standards of quality, functionality, value, and style. We encourage you to experience the Kraus difference and Live Beautifully™.


PierDeco Design

With over 30 years of experience in top-of-the-line bathrooms, the outstanding quality of our products sets us apart. The name PierDeco is synonymous with refinement and excellence. As pioneers in the latest trends in bathroom equipment, we’re constantly searching for products that seamlessly combine ergonomics and innovation. Offering you upscale, stylish, and functional shower systems is our priority.

With our Canadian or Italian shower columns, you can invite the therapeutic benefits of the spa into your house. Our powerful massaging showers relax you and strengthen your body, while our shower heads adapt to your desires: adjustable body jets, massage jets, waterfall or drizzle-effect jets… there’s something for every taste! No detail is left to chance when it comes to immersing yourself in a relaxing atmosphere and taking care of yourself. The comfort and safety of your system are guaranteed with thermostatic taps and balanced pressure or no-hot technology.

We take our mission to heart in order to make your bathroom a wellness area that lives up to your expectations. We manufacture and distribute the most powerful bathroom equipment, in the aim of offering you the very best on the market. If you want to transform your bathroom into an idyllic place where refinement goes hand in hand with perfect ergonomics, the top-quality products from PierDeco are made for you.

Delta Faucet Company
The Delta Faucet Company offers consumers and trade professionals a quality, affordable range of faucets and bath products with beautiful design inspiration. The Delta name is trusted throughout the industry as it strives to bring the best value to the table - and the counter, the vanity and the shower.
Delta Faucet Company products are available in a vast array of collections, combinations and standalones to make them an easy choice whether you're a builder shopping for a new multi-family residence, a designer looking for the spotlight piece for your client's master bath or a busy parent who needs an extra hand in the kitchen. No matter which one of our brands, collections or products you choose, it comes with the Delta Faucet Company commitment to innovation and excellence.



Once upon a time… water led to the creation of Kalia by three people sharing a passion for plumbing: David Poulin, Bruno Raby and Marie-France Poulin. Each with over 20 years of experience in this industry, these partners have a lot of water stories to tell! They are part of the Camada Group, a private joint-stock company held by the Poulin family.

Driven by their complicity and creativity, the members of the Kalia team strive to reach the same goal – to improve people's daily well-being. To that effect, they design, manufacture and distribute residential plumbing products that represent innovative, long-term solutions for their customers. This is how Kalia is the instigator of so many beautiful water tales!



For over 100 years, Franke has thrived on innovative engineering and outstanding design. Not only do we offer excellent products, but also tailor-made solutions for the complex needs of our customers. Everything we do should be unique – from the products we develop to the way we deal with our customers, partners, and employees.
Franke is exceptionally diverse. Whether with its history, key figures, sustainability, culture, or career opportunities, the Aarburg-based Swiss company is always full of surprises.



Grandeur Flooring is an all-encompassing Canadian flooring company that specializes in the design, distribution, and servicing of elegantly-designed, quality-grade, solid, vinyl, engineered, and hardwood flooring. We have established ourselves as a staple flooring supplier for both interior designers and renovators alike as we provide flooring solutions that are just as innovative as the interiors they are meant to fill. We offer a vast selection of various finishes, natural textures, and rich colours – from wire-brushed, hand-scraped, and saw-marked flooring to intricately designed signature looks – we’ve truly got it all.



For over 25 years Cavalli Brass Inc. has been manufacturing faucets for global brands. Now Cavalli Brass Inc. is pleased to present our own line of luxury faucets designed and manufactured in Canada. Cavalli’s products are handcrafted by experienced artisans using the best components that will stand the test of time. Setting Cavalli apart from the competition are the various innovative features we offer including the “Twist and Lock” system. Our handles come completely assembled and are installed in mere seconds. Our unique “Quick Release” connections complete the installation. In addition, our Thermo Universal Plus system was designed with one main valve for all Cavalli Thermo Rough-In Systems.



A truly one-of-a-kind kitchen faucet. The Wheel’s innovative design was Inspired by the wheel of a ship and the adventurous spirit of American ingenuity. The Wheel’s pulley spray design is built with the craftsmanship you would expect from an American made kitchen faucet.


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