Buy now, pay later without the fees

Affirm is a smarter way to pay over time. Shop and pay at your own pace with no hidden fees, so you can get the things you love without breaking your budget.

The choice is yours

Monthly Payments

Choose monthly installments. Perfect for bigger ticket items. 

  • No hidden fees—ever
  • What you see is what you pay
  • Set up easy, automatic payments

Pay over time for the things you love

Make monthly payments for bigger ticket items from $300-$15,000. Rates from 0-32% APR (subject to provincial regulatory limitations). See below for details.

No credit impact

Checking your eligibility is quick and easy—and it won’t ding your credit.

Get set up in minutes

Setting up Autopay is easy, so the only thing you’ll have to do is enjoy your purchase.

No hidden fees – ever

That’s why over 1 million shoppers trust Affirm.